Guide to buying the best Hamster wheel

According to a study by animal experts, an average hamster can run a few miles a night using a hamster wheel. This figure is equivalent to a short marathon. Everyone knows about the physical and mental health benefits of using a hamster wheel. However, not many people know how to buy a hamster wheel. So what should we do? What are the most important factors when buying a hamster wheel? Do not worry. Soon we will share with you a few tips to find the best hamster wheel. Come on, let’s get started right away.

Types of hamster wheels

Currently, on the market, there are many types of hamster wheels with different sizes and designs. In particular, there are two types of wheels that most owners use are metal and plastic wheels.

Metal wheels are more durable but have hiccups on the running surface that can injure your hamster. For added security, you can line cardboard or paperboard onto the steps.

Plastic wheels are less durable, but are safer to use, especially when your mouse is hyperactive. Many wheels are also designed with a rear bumper, and the other one in front is partially sealed.

Hamster wheels can be mounted in cages or separately on the outside. It is very important that it is big enough for your little friend.

Things to consider when buying Hamster Wheels

If you’re in the middle of buying a wheel for your fluffy friend, here are some things to keep in mind:


Size is the first factor we want to remind you of. It is essential never to let your hamster use a wheel too small for them. The bigger the wheels, the less the hamster has to bend the back, this is the same as when they run on a flat surface in nature.

So what size is suitable? If you have a dwarf and Roborovski hamsters, you should choose a 6.5-inch wheel, and at least 8 inches for large Syrian mice and other larger sized hamsters.

Materials will prevent injuries

As mentioned above, there are two common types of hamster wheels: metal and plastic. It is safer to choose a wheel with a stable running surface. Meat vibes can trap hamster feet and lead to foot infections.
Sometimes, a few mice are too active in running or absorbing even their teeth by gnawing on surrounding objects. So we don’t think plastic wheels will be a good and long-term option. Although a metal hamster wheel is more expensive, it will help you avoid having to change the wheel several times.

Design characteristics

In general, the best hamster wheels are designed simply and firmly to ensure mouse safety. Some wheels have a sturdy backplate, which helps your fluffy friend feel more confident using the wheel. Previously, hamster mouse wheels were designed to be open for easy access, but now it’s partially closed at the front. The reason is to help minimize the possible injuries, such as hamsters being thrown off the wheel when running at speed.

In addition, wheels with supporting sidebars across the diameter are not recommended because it can cause your hamster to hit the head and get injured.

Moreover, manufacturers now also come up with many new wheel designs like those on toy cars that your hamster can push around the room. This is an initiative that is suitable to the tastes of consumers, bringing great joy but only ideal in a short time. If you don’t want to be disturbed at night by the noise of this car, a silent hamster wheel is a top priority!

Stands and fixing

Many wheels are designed with bolts so they can be fixed to the cage. This brings stability as well as saving space in your house. However, some hamster wheels are equipped with a two-way accessory and bracket to install it outside the cage. However, I want to remind you to make sure that your hamster remains in control after it has finished running.

One or more wheels

If you are a parent of many children, you will need more than one wheel so they can all play without having to compete. Of course, the size of the cage will also affect the number of wheels you can safely attach.

In conclusion

Above are a few notes for you when looking for the best hamster wheel for your little friend. Above all, you have to make sure that the wheels you buy are safe for them instead of the risks of injury. Hopefully, the information above will help your hamster have fun minutes on the wheel. Good luck.

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