Curriculum Overview

In this first of six weekend modules you begin training inthe treatment of small and large animals with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. The historical perspective of TCM in relationship to healing animals and the current practice of TCM in animals will be covered. Anatomy and Physiology will segue into animal handling with physical examinations of dogs, cats and horses. Round table discussions in the evenings further clarify and deepen your knowledge preparing you for the next module and in-depth explorations regarding the health and treatments of felines, canines and equines. Successful completion of all 6 modules will qualify you to sit for certification with the American Board of Animal Acupuncture (ABAA).

You will learn effective communication skills melding your TCM knowledge with continued didactic education of animals. Allopathic medical terminology will be interfaced with TCM pattern differentiation for effective communication with veterinary professionals. Hands-on clinicals elucidates TCM and Western physiology and anatomy of small and large animals.

In this third of six weekend modules you will learn point location in the dog, cat and horse. Lecture and hands-on with each animal will be experienced.

You will continue with point location in the dog, cat and horse. You will experience lectures and hands-on application with each animal. Small animal electrical acupuncture will be demonstrated followed by your participation.

You will learn common small animal conditions and syndromes and their treatment protocols. Equine conditions and syndromes and their treatment protocols will be presented. Supervised practice with dogs, cats and horses will be included in clinical rotations.

In this final of six weekend modules you will apply cumulative core knowledge of animal bio-medicine, animal physical examination, TCM differentiation, safety and ethics, effective communication, diagnostics, treatment protocols and techniques in the treatment of small and large animals. Clinical rotations, daily with round table discussions at night will solidify and ground you in preparation for board certification with the American Board of Animal Acupuncture (ABAA).